Used Goods Charity Bazaar

Used Goods Charity Bazaar

Dharma Drum Mountain San Francisco Bay Area Center (DDMBASF) hosted its second-year Used Goods Charity Bazaar on August 29th and 30th in Fremont, California. 

This event was in cooperation with local community's 51st Annual Antique Fair and Flea Market, held in the Niles District in Fremont. As always, the event drew thousands of visitors to the District and filled up streets with cars and people during peak hours. 

Household goods were collected from its adherents and sold in the Charity Bazaar to raise funds to support DDMBASF educational programs.  
People with strong bargaining power showed up early in the morning on the first day of the event, hoping to pick up items in great conditions at deeply discounted prices.  Some buyers were kind enough to pay the full price once they knew that we were a non-profit organization.  Most importantly, our sisters and brothers working at the 2-day event donated not only their time but their financial support.  This was a great time for us to ask ourselves if we needed or wanted the goods.  As you can imagine, some just could not resist the great bargains.

The following activities were also sponsored in the two-day event:

  1. "A Taste of Meditative Relaxation" was promoted. This program provided a 10-minute introductory training to Chan practice.  One of our western members meditated on the grass by the sidewalk and drew curious crowds to ask about our organization and programs.  Some came in and tasted meditative relaxation walking away smiling on their faces and some other people left contact information planning to attend the 2-hour introductory workshop and the weekly meditation class in the near future. 
  2. Dharma Drum Mountain publications were on display to give away or for purchase. 
  3. Teams of parents and children from 6-11 years old sold donation-based juices and cookies.  Kids would approach the passers-by introducing our organization and offering the juices.   It was a great opportunity for children to learn to contribute and volunteer for a good cause.
  4. A donation-based face-painting was offered.  This was nothing but pure fun.  
  5. Parking spaces were sold for a fee.  We started at 7am on Sun (8/30) and the spaces were sold out in a couple of hours as our location was so close to the Antique Fair on the main street.
  6. Along with water and tea, iced coffee, veggie egg rolls and cinnamon rolls were sold and got such a good rep! Good food created satisfaction and was definitely making people come together.

The event ended at 4 pm on August 30th.  Once again, DDMBASF showed its effort of integrating to the local community and promoting Buddhadharma to the public.  Many thanks to its dedicated volunteers to making it fun and successful!  Looking forward to having another blast next year.