About Us

Dharma Drum Mountain San Francisco Chapter is a Chan Buddhism Dharma land where participants can apply Chan teachings, assimilate Buddhist Compassion and Wisdom, and achieve harmony and equanimity of body and minds. Dharma Drum Mountain was founded in Taiwan by Venerable Sheng Yen in 1989.

Using the protection of the Spiritual Environment as the leading principle, our vision is to actualize the Four Kinds of Environmentalism—spiritual, social, living, and natural environment through affirming the Threefold Education and practicing the Fivefold Spiritual Renaissance. Sharing and promoting the living, adaptable Buddhadharma practical for daily life to the general public, is our goal.

Our Growth and Expansion:


DDMBASF was formed in Millbrae. Combining Buddhadharma and Chan methods and incorporating contemporary views and concepts, DDMBASF serves as a pivotal Buddhist organization to promote and extend Chinese Chan Buddhism in the Bay Area.


Based on the Dharma Drum Mountain’s central ideal “Uplifting the character of humanity and building a pure land on earth”, DDMBASF hosted various practical and flexible Chan workshops and activities to introduce Dharma Drum Mountain and Chinese Chan to the public who are interested in Buddhism. 


DDMBASF relocated to Sunnyvale. Continuing with the Common Ethos of Dharma Drum Mountain tradition, DDMBASF further expands and provides a wide range of activities to assist participants to implement Buddhadharma and Chan teachings in daily life. Activities include Group Meditation for beginners and advanced practitioners, Sutra study group, Dharma support group, Cultivation liturgies and ceremonies, Dharma and Sutra classes, and caring services in the community.

It is our hope that through continuous promotion of Chan workshops and Dharma activities, the general public can recognize Dharma Drum Mountain’s ideals and join Dharma Drum Mountain’s effort in actualizing the protection of the Spiritual Environment and building a pure land on earth.

(Threefold Education is an extensive academic education, extensive public Buddhist education and extensive social care education.)

(The Fivefold Spiritual Renaissance includes Four Fields for Cultivating Peace, the Four Guidelines for Dealing with Desires, the Four Steps for Handling a Problem, the Four Practices for Helping Oneself and Others and the Four ways to Cultivate Merit.)