A Beacon of Light - Master Taixu


A Beacon of Light - Master Taixu                                                    汪演旺
In this last class of the year, we were gently reminded autumn is a season of harvesting. As we clear our minds before the lecture, we are set to embrace the wisdom as we are introduced to Master Taixu. Just as we harvest the crops to feed our body, we harvest Master Taixu's ideas to feed our spirit.
Born in the era of the unprecedented social conflicts of recent Chinese history, Master Taixu devoted his life to renew Chinese Buddhism. He wanted to achieve monasterial reform through education and to write influential works that spread his philosophy. Because of Buddhism's long existence and history, it had evolved away from its core values; Mater Tiaxu intended to steer modern Buddhist practitioners back to its core values. However, because he was overwhelmed with a multitude of projects, he was unsuccessful in achieving his goals.
While his works were widely praised by the western scholars, he encountered strong opposition from the conservative Buddhism sects. Though there was strong opposition, Master Taixu's ideas were eventually accepted posthumously. His ideas and works became the basis of modern reform in today's religious universities and education. Only through his efforts to revive the Buddhism religion was it able to thrive. Master Taixu is the lighthouse of Buddhism, who guides the future generation of leaders to spread the Buddhism philosophy.