How To Apply Chan In Daily Life


 Let's see what Venerable Chang Ji told us.

金山有鑛 Footprint in the West

The warm and welcoming invitations from the Abbot of Sonoma Mountain Zen Center, Professor Lewis Lancaster of UC Berkeley, and numerous Chinese Buddhist organizations, precipitated Shifu’s trip to the San Francisco bay area in 1990.

Interview with Dr. Simon Child

So you studied meditation for a really long time, what is the benefit of the meditation for the people right now, especially in the Silicon Valley?

Chan Path to Freedom Dharma Talk - by Guogu

What is true freedom?  And what is the path that leads to it?  Dharma teacher Guo Gu gave a wisdom talk on the subject while giving us a practical overview that we can use as our day-to-day framework to augment our understanding and practice for a quality moment-to-moment life experience and inner well-being.