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Call For Volunteers

Volunteers — whether you’re helping with one project at home or pitching in for an hour or two for event operations— are the foundation of DDMBASF , and volunteering is a great way to give something back.

I'd had a tumultuous time the day before, and I think this made me much less able to focus than I would have liked. Yet, in some ways, this was a blessing for me, for I got to spend a lot of time seeing the impact that the tumult had been having on me.

What is true freedom?  And what is the path that leads to it?  Dharma teacher Guo Gu gave a wisdom talk on the subject while giving us a practical overview that we can use as our day-to-day framework to augment our understanding and practice for a quality moment-to-moment life experience and inner well-being.

It was one of those rare opportunities to hear a Dharma talk in English at DDMBASF. The speaker, Gougu, was one of Master Sheng-Yen’s closest disciples and personal translator. That we could have this rare chance to have him in Sunnyvale to share his thoughts on Chan and his experiences of life was truly really wonderful.

  “I” is the shortest word, but the largest object in the world. We usually expand ourselves to wherever we can reach

Six months ago, my friend introduced me to a one-day meditation retreat at Dharma Drum Mountain SF to learn about Buddhism...