Feature News

The sky over the Silicon Valley is shining as usual, however the Valley keeps on suffering from the biggest slump since the dot-com bust. In the DDMBASF Chan (Japanese: Zen) hall, Sam Gieng brother’s rap performance raised the curtain of this year’s kids summer camp.

This time around, the teaching from Gilbert Gutierrez was a bit unorthodox. Since the audience consisted mostly of beginners, the program was adjusted to incorporate the basics. It was not just the usual sitting sessions.

        We started the day gathering at the Chan Center. Did a few moves of DDM’s Eight Form Moving Meditation, just to warm our bodies up, preparing it for the journey.

        The day, as usual, began with DDMBA’s famous Eight Form Moving Meditation. This exercise, when done correctly, is actually very soothing. All eight forms must be done with intention and awareness.

        The event began with a ten minute sitting meditation. We closed our eyes and relaxed our bodies. After coming out of the sitting, Fashi asked the audience, what is Chan? Not expecting any answers, she began to answer the question.

        The night began with a question from a member of the audience asking, “What is suffering?” Chang Wu Fashi proceeds by asking back to the audience, “What do you think is suffering?” Someone from the audience mentions “marriage” as suffering.