Dharma Land

360 Degree Chan Retreat Sharing

It was an honor to be invited to attend the “360 Degree Chan Retreat” this summer and I experienced the “speechless moment”.


Chan is a way of living---Learning from Dr. Simon Child

Translation of Chan is difficult, due to the language barrier and culture difference. It usually loses some ‘flavors’ and ‘senses’ when we try to translate it.  This is what Dr. Child mentioned at his talks at Stanford University, “Chinese Zen Comes West”.

Dr. Sim0n Child--Sharing

I connected with DDM San Francisco in Spring of 2011 by way of the internet and it has been an inspiring journey for me ever since.


Reciting Meditation - sharing

“Amitabha, Amitabha, Amitabha, Amitabha…” I had been reciting Buddha’s name for a day with my mind. This was the first time I attended the reciting meditation.

Brother Maos one day retreat

I'd had a tumultuous time the day before, and I think this made me much less able to focus than I would have liked. Yet, in some ways, this was a blessing for me, for I got to spend a lot of time seeing the impact that the tumult had been having on me.

Guo Gu Pusa - Chan Path to Freedom

It was one of those rare opportunities to hear a Dharma talk in English at DDMBASF. The speaker, Gougu, was one of Master Sheng-Yen’s closest disciples and personal translator. That we could have this rare chance to have him in Sunnyvale to share his thoughts on Chan and his experiences of life was truly really wonderful.