Dharma Land

Journey of the Mind through the 7-day Surangama Retreat

Being curious and fascinated about the Surangama Sutra, there was no hesitation whatsoever to attend the Surangama Dharma Camp

Be Your Own Best Life Coach

March 2nd and 3rd was a very special time for Dharma Drum Mountain, as we were honored with a program led by the Venerable Chang Ji.

Inspiration from Zen-Based Stress Reduction Workshop

“The problem is not stressors in life but how we react to situations!” as Guo Gu Pusa explained how we can use Chan to reduce the stress as our reactions are based on perception and our perception is based on our sense of self.

Niu Niu- A Genius Pianist Who Plays with Buddha Dharma Mind

One unusual thing that he did was showed the Buddhist teachings by giving a speech on his childhood with Master Sheng Yen. Most of the people in the world remember the teaching from their childhood, but not everyone will try to spread it around with their talent.

Concert Reflection

First off, I have to make a disclaimer that I am not musically inclined. Due to some great cause and condition, an opportunity arose for me to attend a special concert organized by Dharma Drum Mountain San Francisco Chapter.

Changing Mind - A reflection of my volunteering at concert

To be honest it has been a long time since I’ve volunteered for any event.  The only thing that I knew prior before volunteering for this piano recital was that there was approximately 600 people that would be attending and the performance would be done by pianist prodigy.......