One-Day Retreat with Venerable Guojian

One-Day Retreat with Venerable Guojian


First of all, I would like to thank Venerable Guo Jian and all the volunteers for your time and dedication, offering the one-day retreat for us to deepen our practice.  

I have to say I would not be able to do this retreat if I did not go to the Meditation Foundational Workshop for beginners. It is what prepared me for this retreat 100%. I could not even meditate for 5 minutes before the workshop as my mind was crowded with wandering thoughts and I had to stop after 5 minutes.  Since then, I was able to meditate for one whole hour at home by applying what I learned from the meditation workshop. Yet, I didn't know how I would do in an all-day meditation retreat. I was content that I was able to complete this retreat in whole without any difficulty. 

This meditation retreat has brought me to a new level of meditation that I did not know I could attain. I did not know I could keep my wandering thoughts to a minimum for one whole day. It's like we don't know how good it feels until we actually experience it ourselves! It not only helped me feel relaxed and calm, it also gave me peace and tranquility. More practice is still needed as I get sleepy afterwards at times from being too comfortable, instead of just the right balance.

In addition to the calming and peaceful feelings, there is one other benefit that I have noticed during retreat. I had my braces adjusted the day before this retreat, and it's usually very painful. It was very painful before the retreat, very painful while I was eating lunch on the day of the retreat, but not painful at all while I was meditating during the retreat. It was painful again after the retreat was over. It's like the pain was non-existent while I was meditating.

 Although I haven't practiced meditation long enough to experience many other physical and mental benefits that I know meditation can bring, I do however noticed after the meditation workshop and during the retreat, it became easier for me to keep my objectivity and not be impacted by the negative emotions as much as it did before.

After the meditation retreat, I had a really good sleep that night.  After I woke up in the morning, all the new ideas and inspiration about my business and my life flushed to my mind.  I started doing some research and making some major decisions on my business and my life. This was something that I did not know exactly what to do prior. I don't want to sound too confident, but at least now I know the direction I am working towards, and I know the general steps to get there.

 I am grateful to have such a nice and peaceful facility along with all the warm people for this retreat – to practice the methods I learned from the workshop in a relaxed way with clarity.