Changing Mind - A reflection of my volunteering at concert

Changing Mind - A reflection of my volunteering at concert  Allen Liu

To be honest it has been a long time since I’ve volunteered for any event.  The only thing that I knew prior before volunteering for this piano recital was that there was approximately 600 people that would be attending and the performance would be done by pianist prodigy, NiuNiu.  With so many people attending this recital, I thought to myself that the day of the volunteering would be a “long day”.

Nevertheless, I told myself that this event was for a good cause; very cliché huh?

When I first arrived on the site of the recital, it was very heartwarming to be greeted by the other volunteers and to be asked if I had anything to eat and offered food to eat.  In addition, I saw so many people that have already started to work and the decorations that people did looked really good.

As the day progressed, I start to notice that there were certain things that could have been better planned and coordinated.  The location of certain things could have been more strategically placed and the list goes on.  In a moment, I paused and thought about it a little … and thought about my thinking.  Why do I think like that?  I started to realize through this event, that it became clear why I need to volunteer more.  Every moment and day of my life, I’ve been trained to accomplish tasks and project as efficient as possible.  To accomplish any task at its peak efficiency, one has to scrutinize and find faults in things/objects.  Simply put, I was taught to be critical at the things that were in front of me.  Ironically, with this thinking it leaves one big problem. You cannot control or dictate the environment that you are in every time.  However, you can start to change yourself to adjust to the environment that you are in.  I also believe, if you try to force your way around in the environment that you are in, often than not, your outcome will not be favorable.  From that moment on, it was easier for me to accept how things were and told myself that I needed to do more.

From that moment on, my day went by very fast.  I actually even forgot about my lunch, yikes!  For that day, I believe that is the most I have ever opened the door for people in my entire life. (Every time someone entered the elevator lobby in the garage, I had opened the door for them.)  In this process, an elderly person made me feel really appreciated for my effort and gave her compliments to DDMBA.  This made me feel very warm in my heart and that it is OK to be average and not the smartest kid in my class.