Meditation with Master Gilbert

October 24, 9 A.M. in Dharma Drum Mountain in Sunnyvale, this is the first time I attend to Gilbert's meditation class. He is not like other masters I met before; he looks like a normal American to me. After the meditation begins, he used a very unusual way to explain what Chan is. Honestly I really enjoyed the way he teaches because he used white board to drawing pictures and show us how the mind comes and goes and how our mind works when we meditate. It really worked for me. Because I am the kind of students who thinks by images in the mind, so after class I still can remember what he said because of those images.

   In the meditation class, we didn't only do meditation, he gave us few short times to meditate and during each break he taught us to use different method to meditate. Everyone is unique so when we meditate, each person uses different way to meditate like we use different tempo and speed to walk. We don't need to be the best one or the fast learner because that is no meaning to do that. We just follow our own speed and are stable in our mind so we can be clearer in our mind. Then when we settle down our mind, we can start to look everything in our mind or things around us. There is no rush to do anything. Gilbert said, "we are the thieves in our mind." Only we can blind our mind.